Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Big Mistake

Well. Things have taken a turn for the worse here at the slipway. We've been working around the clock trying to get this all done so we can go back in the water. It's quite expensive to stay here ($78 per day) and we have many other things that we need to organise prior to leaving. So we've been working and working and working, not getting enough sleep and kind of stressing out. Yesterday my brother and his mate came and helped out majorly by grinding back the rest of the bad paint layers with Rene. 

So... the mistake... ALL of the paint that we've painstakingly spent about 20 hours applying to the freshly sanded back hull WAS WRONG. For some inexplicable reason we mixed the Jotun paint Penguard Part A with Jotamastic Part B. You are not meant to mix them like this ever. Penguard part A and B go together while Jotamastic part A and B go together. We've totally fucked up. I'm totally devastated. We were up until 2am this morning painting the wrong paint on the boat! We've been working our arses off doing the wrong bloody thing. 

It's looking like our plan of leaving on May 16th is fast becoming a dream - not a reality. We may have to stay here at the slipway for yet another week. We now have to scrape off all of the paint by hand and reapply a fresh coat tomorrow when Jotun delivers the correct paint to us. I'm off to wash down the decks which are black with thick poisonous dust that came off the hull over the last week of Rene angle-grinding the old anti-fouling. This whole experience is really testing us - me in particular. It's difficult to remain positive in this kind of situation. Really really difficult.....

Below are some pics of the work we've been doing:

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  1. How absolutely devastating for you - it is hard to think of anything positive in these situations yet luckily you DID realize this mistake before any further time had elapsed. That horrible feeling of dread just sits heavily in the gut doesn't it? Maybe in hindsight it will be revealed that it was beneficial to leave later than the 16th May..... a flimsy straw to clutch at I know. You will get through this.
    My love to you -M xox