Sunday, April 25, 2010

Days 3 & 4 at the slipway

This is taking much much longer than we had ever anticipated. There's no chance that we'll be finished here by Tuesday which was our original plan.  
The problem is that we have to grind down many layers of previous antifouling paint (on the hull) to create a good surface for the new coats we'll be applying. Normally we would have just been able to scrape off the barnacles, give a quick sand and then paint. Instead, Rene is taking off about 5 or so prior layers of paint because one of the layers seems to be absorbing moisture causing other layers to flake off. And quite a few spots of bare steel have been showing which is bad news for steel!! It's very slow, dirty and tiresome work. 

Rene has been grinding away at the hull pretty constantly while I've been doing some painting, preparing all the food, cleaning and organising.

 It's been a challenging week so far in many ways. I'm finding it difficult to see the light at the end of this. It's very toxic and I'm not coping so well with the poisonous dust - it's everywhere and we can't escape it! Lucky we're not trying to conceive!! This is a picture of me feeling happy that I actually achieved something - the jobs are sooo big that it's very difficult to experience any sense of success or completion. 
I'm hoping things will get easier soon....

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