Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 1 at the slipway

Pictures tell many words - right? 
Anhinga was hauled out today at Rivergate. It was quite scary watching her winched up up up into the sky! 
Rene had so much fun blasting the slime/barnacles off the hull that he totally messed up the bathroom (funny that it's still called this as there is definitely NO bath - or even a shower!!!) with black slimy stuff. I spent an hour cleaning it off every surface! 
Some amazingly generous and knowledgeable men helped out with fixing up our rudder which hasn't been working properly - Rog, Nick and, the man who originally made this boat, Max!
There is lots more work to do - the pretty blue image is actually pretty bad in boating terms - it shows that the antifouling paint isn't sticking to the previous layer. 
Right now we're devouring a massive kangaroo spaghetti bog that I've cooked up + enjoying a beer or two!
Another big day ahead of us tomorrow....

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