Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flipping Between Emotions

As we prepare for this sailing voyage, I flip back and forth between elation and apprehension. 
Today, I’m feeling the latter. I’m afraid of being sucked into the depths by giant sea monster tentacles, of being shipwrecked or swept up onto a reef/rocks, of getting taken by villainous pirates, of being really sick and too far away for treatment, of massive freak waves, tsunami’s, cyclones and storms, of being lost at sea, swept overboard, bankrupt, broken, bruised and battered!


I’m so willing to face all of these fears because I think there must be more to life than simply working, spending, saving, working, partying, working, working, working!
Why do we wait our entire lives to go travelling (once retired)?
Why do we have to buy, and then spend most our working lives paying off, what amounts to over-priced shelter?
Why do so many of my colleagues stay in jobs that they clearly dislike, being unhappy and creating a toxic environment for themselves and the people around them?

After nearly 5 years of full-time work as a high school teacher, I’m feeling drained and confused about my career. I’m hoping that taking this break from work to go sailing will provide me with the time and headspace to reconnect with myself, my dreams and my creativity. I’m hoping that the fears will remain just that and that if I have to face any of them, I’ll be strong enough to rise through it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Small Steps + Departure Date Decided!

Things are getting closer every minute and we're making progress daily! 
Just in the last few days we have set our departure date - May 16th. We have also decided to have a "stopping work" party in mid april to celebrate taking a break from our careers for the rest of the year. 
Today my Mum bought me a wetsuit (early b'day gift) so I can now help Rene to knock barnacles off the hull in shark-free anchorages and go snorkling in cool waters. 

Yesterday I got a bunch of prescriptions from my Doctor to go towards our big first aid kit (we're talking serious medications here!) and I was told that I'm in perfect health!! 

We're getting a new 12 Volt fridge system put in so that we won't have to either rely on shore power or run the diesel engine every day. 

Things are looking up - only 7 days of work left for me now!!! :D

Saturday, March 20, 2010

BOAT = Bring Out Another Thousand

Only 9 days left of full-time work and we're starting to worry more about our finances. Many of the jobs we have to do on Anhinga are costing much more than we had anticipated (despite hours of research online to find the best deals!). We will still go - regardless - but wish that boat-related things weren't sooooo pricey! The main jobs we need to do before departure are: replace the anchor chain (require 100 metres @ about $9.50 p/mtr), check (and maybe replace) the life raft, buy a comprehensive first aid kit, fix all our safety gear, fix the jib, install a new refrigeration system (mammoth job!), haul her out and do the anti-fouling etc. etc. There's really too many to mention!