Saturday, March 20, 2010

BOAT = Bring Out Another Thousand

Only 9 days left of full-time work and we're starting to worry more about our finances. Many of the jobs we have to do on Anhinga are costing much more than we had anticipated (despite hours of research online to find the best deals!). We will still go - regardless - but wish that boat-related things weren't sooooo pricey! The main jobs we need to do before departure are: replace the anchor chain (require 100 metres @ about $9.50 p/mtr), check (and maybe replace) the life raft, buy a comprehensive first aid kit, fix all our safety gear, fix the jib, install a new refrigeration system (mammoth job!), haul her out and do the anti-fouling etc. etc. There's really too many to mention!


  1. Wow, I admire how you guys aren't afraid to follow your desires to take off (or sail away) on an adventure.

    Looking forward to updates.


  2. It is a small world. While living on my own yacht Tawarri II, I frequently visited Max and Gloria on Anhinga, when she was in the Brisbane River during the early nineties. Do you know where they are now and if so could you send me their (e-mail) address.It would be so great to catch up with them again.Thank you in anticipation. I wish you fair winds and calm seas.
    Hans Naarding.