Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Small Steps + Departure Date Decided!

Things are getting closer every minute and we're making progress daily! 
Just in the last few days we have set our departure date - May 16th. We have also decided to have a "stopping work" party in mid april to celebrate taking a break from our careers for the rest of the year. 
Today my Mum bought me a wetsuit (early b'day gift) so I can now help Rene to knock barnacles off the hull in shark-free anchorages and go snorkling in cool waters. 

Yesterday I got a bunch of prescriptions from my Doctor to go towards our big first aid kit (we're talking serious medications here!) and I was told that I'm in perfect health!! 

We're getting a new 12 Volt fridge system put in so that we won't have to either rely on shore power or run the diesel engine every day. 

Things are looking up - only 7 days of work left for me now!!! :D

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