Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Flipping Between Emotions

As we prepare for this sailing voyage, I flip back and forth between elation and apprehension. 
Today, I’m feeling the latter. I’m afraid of being sucked into the depths by giant sea monster tentacles, of being shipwrecked or swept up onto a reef/rocks, of getting taken by villainous pirates, of being really sick and too far away for treatment, of massive freak waves, tsunami’s, cyclones and storms, of being lost at sea, swept overboard, bankrupt, broken, bruised and battered!


I’m so willing to face all of these fears because I think there must be more to life than simply working, spending, saving, working, partying, working, working, working!
Why do we wait our entire lives to go travelling (once retired)?
Why do we have to buy, and then spend most our working lives paying off, what amounts to over-priced shelter?
Why do so many of my colleagues stay in jobs that they clearly dislike, being unhappy and creating a toxic environment for themselves and the people around them?

After nearly 5 years of full-time work as a high school teacher, I’m feeling drained and confused about my career. I’m hoping that taking this break from work to go sailing will provide me with the time and headspace to reconnect with myself, my dreams and my creativity. I’m hoping that the fears will remain just that and that if I have to face any of them, I’ll be strong enough to rise through it.


  1. Thrilled to hear that you are about to set off on a life adventure. Reading your words fills me with excitement. Thank you for allowing me to experience vicariously.

    David W.

  2. oh, Cerae and Rene what a beautiful photo..dream.... Go well and enjoy. Keep us posted! love GillianP