Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 2 at the slipway

Day 2 involved a plenty more money hemorrhaging. 
We had to pay for a Marine Surveyor to inspect the boat so that we can apply for 3rd party insurance (many places don't let you moor unless you have some form of insurance these days!). 
Some paint experts from Jotun (paint supplier) came by to ascertain why the last anti fouling was flaking off so much and their advice was to buy MORE of their paint! 
I took the Jib (front sail) to Rene's parents place and measured out the job of resewing the UV strip = HUGE!!! So I rang around to a bunch of sailmakers until I found a decent price. The third picture is of me shocked at how big the sail really is. I still have to remove the old UV strip by hand. The first two images show Rene hard at work, scraping back the flaking paint in preparation for painting the new coats on. Our trusty car, Boxy, stars in the 2nd photo. 
All up, today cost over 1K! OMG :o (Starting to think that we'll definitely need to work as we travel up the coast - bugger!)

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