Monday, April 12, 2010

An Update On Preparations

Today felt important because I normally would have gone to work as the Easter break is over. Instead I stayed home and worked on getting organised. Our First Aid kit is now huge! The inventory goes for 4 pages and the kit itself only just fits into a 20 Litre esky bag. I'm also working through my DVD collection, making up a list and figuring out which few I can take with us. Most of our usual day-to-day living stuff has to be put into storage (thank you so much to friends and family who will be looking after various boxes and bits) so that we can fit all the food and boat things onboard. 

The fridge is STILL not working despite Rene and Ewan working on it for hours and hours. We tried to retrofit it so that the old eutectic system would work with the new air compression system. It hasn't worked. I'm really looking forward to having our fridge back! (soon I hope!).

Better get back to the organisation! So much to do!! 

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