Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 5 - a quick update

Just a quick update tonight - still insanely busy trying to grind back the older layers of paint to create a good surface before painting the anti-fouling. We're aiming to be back in the water by Friday (hopefully!). 
Today Rene probably spent 12 hours with the angle grinder (he's still out there now at 9pm). I have been cleaning up (so much dirty washing to do!) and doing jobs inside. I also tore off all of the damaged U.V strip from the leech (longest edge) of the Jib in preparation for taking it to the sailmakers this week. 
One of my cousins (Nicholas, who lives in Germany) suggested I add some information about the boat on the blog. For those who are interested, the info is now located just below the photo of Anhinga on the left column. 

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