Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fixing The Mistake & Moving On

We got back on the horse and have been getting on with the task of grinding off all of the paint that we'd incorrectly applied. Rene's parents dropped by to help (on their wedding anniversary!) which we're so grateful for. In fact, we've had so much help from friends and family that we feel supported and blessed. Thank you! 
Rene and I get started with the angle-grinding. 
Rene's Dad helps out despite a sore shoulder and it being his wedding anniversary! Wow!
I get into the grinding. 
There's still about 30% of the hull left to grind. Rene is outside doing it now while I eat breakfast and write this. We need to apply the correct paint once all the wrong paint is removed. Our concern now is that the weather isn't looking so friendly! Rain is forecast :0

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  1. the 'other' ReneeMay 1, 2010 at 3:49 PM

    oh dear! oh dear! I feel for you... how frustrating. I wonder how you found out it was the wrong paint... think of how worse it could have been if you had found out only AFTER you'd finished....
    SEE , it could ACTUALLY be worse....imagine , some people do this to earn a living !!hang in there... one day, you will smile about it all...