Sunday, May 9, 2010

BIG Thank-you's For Slipway Helpers

So many people helped us during our intensive stay at the slipway. We're so so so grateful and I wanted to publicly thank everyone here (in no particular order):
* Max & Gloria - for building Anhinga so well originally & Max for coming along to see her out of the water 27 years later and helping with the rudder.
* Nick Hall - for lending us his angle-grinder & 18mm spanner. Also for his advice & encouragement. 
* Carmel - for saying hello and making me realise that sometimes owning a boat is very hard work that you just have to get in and do it!
* Jan and Roger - for lending us countless tools, speaking to us every day about our progress and running errands. For giving us jars, rags, snacks, dinner and advice. For helping us angle-grind off our mistake! For letting me use their washing machine and for also doing some loads for us! For letting me fill up their annexe with the jib, letting us use their computer, buying us some things from Bunnings and probably countless other things! 
* Renee Bijl - for her wonderful words of wisdom.
* Anton for his advice, help and those Corona's! 
* Nick W - for welding some extra anode bolts to the rudder, painting really fast with small rollers, lending us his angle grinder, paint rollers, fetching tools, helping diagnose the steering problems and offering loads of advice.
* Jan W - for endless reassurance that this is all worthwhile, for washing up, painting and sharing advice from her years of experience. 
* Maryanne & Keith - for reassurance, plenty of positive thoughts and for giving us the amazing gift of hour-long massages!
* Aran & Sam - for being angle-grinding demons and helping us paint.
* David Biggs - for being an acetone assasin, lending us rags, helping us paint the first coat and giving us some oranges and Gatorade. 
* Heloisa & Craig - for lending us their lights and being great neighbours.
* Ben - for angle-grinding and helping us paint.
* Chihiro - for baking us some delicious ANZAC biscuits & brownies :D

We feel so supported thanks to you all! xoxoxo


  1. Well you two have been pretty amazing going at what seemed like an impossible job with such energy. Give yourselves a pat on the back too. xx Rog

  2. No problem ,we're very happy to help you guys!

    Have a great day
    Heloisa & Craig