Monday, May 3, 2010

Halfway there! (sort of)

We have now done 4 coats of paint. Hazzzzzah! Very very happy and relieved and so thankful to all the people who've helped out! Thanks to Nick we've discovered that the steering problem is related to a slight bend in the rudder shaft. 
                                  Thanks to Anton for the idea of cutting the flange to remove the shaft. 

Biggsy the acetone assassin. Fantastic with Jotamastic!

Rene applies the first --- correct --- layer of Jotamastic.

Jan W has all the tips!     Rene mixes carefully!

Rene: "I'm not sure if we should be
bashing the thread without a nut on it"                                   THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!
Anton + Nick: "She'll be right mate!"
Rene: "hmm..."
Jan W: "Too many cooks..."
Cerae: "No, too many cocks!!!!"

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