Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Enjoying a slower life in Mooloolaba

We're anchored just off Minyama Island in Mooloolaba. It's tranquil and quiet here - last night I could see the reflections of the night sky in the water. I've been getting into the groove of cruising: cooking, preserving food (I pickled beetroots!), reading, writing, taking photos, doing boat maintenance, sleeping, walking and exploring. Rene is taking the opportunity to finish off some work (programming on his laptop) that is a bit overdue. Today we're at the local library - taking advantage of their power to charge our laptops. I'm dreaming up lots of recipes to try out to use up the mountains of food that we bought before leaving! Looking forward to a beach walk later on and maybe a coffee somewhere... 

We intend on staying here until early next week - when we will attempt the infamous Wide Bay Bar to enter in behind Fraser Island!! In the mean time.... I'm into relaxing here at the place that bred Jessica Watson and Steve Irwin! 


  1. At last you can relax. Moobar is a great place to do it. Have you met up with any other yachties heading north?

  2. hey - yes we have met some fellow yachties - right after we were all told that we're not allowed to be here any more or to cop a $200 fine. Will explain all in a blog entry.....