Thursday, May 6, 2010

Anti-fouling Fun!

We've been pretty much painting solidly for the last few days. My head is a little dizzy from all the fumes! We did 3 coats of anti-fouling today. I had some creative fun with the different layers of colour - yellow, red, black, red. To explain to people who don't have much contact with teenagers (I learnt this as a teacher), red and black are typical "emo" colours and that is why I wrote it - as a joke! 

EMO lol!
We've only got one more layer of paint to go!!!! We go back in the water at 3pm tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope you are on your last job now.

    Wine is going down very well.

    all the best Heloisa & Craig

  2. Hi guys!
    Glad you like the vino :D
    Still a whole page of jobs to do before we set off but we're feeling closer now that we're not at Rivergate any more!!

    Cheers and best of luck with finishing Catarina soon!

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