Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life Raft

We've been crazy busy getting things prepared for our departure on Sunday. I'm not sure how we'll be ready in time but I guess we will figure it out somehow! We have to!!

Today we tried inflating our life raft in Rene's parents' driveway. It was exciting to see it fill with carbon dioxide and nitrogen and explode out of the case. We discovered that it's impossible to buy or refill the gas canister ourselves and so had to take the life raft into Marine Safe to be professionally tested and re-stocked. There's actually a lot stored inside the raft that I wasn't aware of!  We learnt that it's not good to inflate the raft like we did because the dry ice crystals actually damage the rubber. When we took it into Marine Safe and they inflated it again (with moisture-free air) they discovered some small holes that the ice crystals must have made when we inflated it! aaargh! They are going to repair it so it will still be safe but our attempt to reduce expense has backfired somewhat! 

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  1. a lesson learnt..its all both have so much loving energy behind this journey..its so inspiring..