Monday, May 24, 2010

At The Mercy of the Wind Gods

Our dreams of resting at a tranquil Tangalooma anchorage were dashed when we saw the weather predictions. As Rene's Dad so aptly put it, ' No rest when it's [the wind] west at Tangalooma wrecks'. So we left early this morning from the place famous for its "wild" dolphin resort and headed North out into the sea for the first time....

So today really pushed me. I have my doubts about whether this is the life for me. I've been assured that it gets easier... I really hope so! Don't worry though, I'm not about to give up!!

We spent the whole day sailing pretty much North. The waves were big (by my standards) and they pushed us about like we really were a little cork on the water. I was quite frightened and really struggled. 
Rene was amazing. He pretty much sailed us here to Mooloolaba - he got the self-steering working right before a small pod of dolphins came by to visit. 

It's really calm here at Mooloolabar. Ren has already gone to bed (before 7pm!) he barely slept last night - kept getting up to prepare things for today. I'm hoping that we can rest here a few days before embarking upon the next leg which looks to be even scarier than what we encountered today! 

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  1. Cath Rob and RogerMay 25, 2010 at 2:34 AM

    Hello Cerae and Rene from Cath and Rob. They loved the dolphin photo. They hope you have a nice journey on the next leg and also hope you don't get abducted by pirates!