Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Victualling and Fixing Things

We've been taking the opportunity to do some big jobs on Anhinga. Rene has installed our Telstra antenna (so we can access phone and internet in more remote locations). Can you spot him crouched onto the first crosstree on the Mizzen mast? Rene also fixed the stern gland (and a bunch of other things) - here is a picture of the greasy business - yuck! 

Maryborough is a really friendly country town. Everywhere we've gone, people have striked up conversations with ease and we've been so grateful at the generosity of strangers. It's also a great town to stock up in. In marine terms, this is called victualling. We've taken advantage of the Farmer's Markets to get fresh veggies and also bought many bits and bobs for the boat. Today was the biggest haul yet - we bought a generator, a battery charger, grog, fuel jerry can and more! The dinghy was pretty laden down on our way back to Anhinga tonight! In the photo I'm having to crouch on the seat which I would normally be able to sit on. 

The other thing I've been getting better at is baking. It's not helping me to lose weight....but it is fun! Here is a picture of my latest effort - a pumpkin bread. I can't believe how big it grew in the oven! 

So, we've almost bought everything we need to here in Maryborough. At the moment, we're trying to decide whether to head out to Lady Musgrave this weekend as the weather looks suitable for it or to stick around here and spend time with my family who have said they will visit.... aaaaargh! What to do??? 
Stay tuned for our decision! 


  1. Great blog - have just read all your updates - keep them coming and the photos are wonderful. I am glad you have the time to update it regularly. that is the advantage of living in your mobile "house". We are all over the place and finding the time and the place and the electricity and internet access to sort photos etc is quite difficult. so we are enjoying the journey!

  2. sounds super! happy birthdee rene! we're luvn the blog.

    N, D and lil a

  3. I love your blog site Rene and Cerae! Happy Birthday! Looks like so much fun! Great pumpkin bread :)Love Che

  4. Thanks for the B'day wishes everyone and also thanks for dropping us a message! We don't have any way of knowing if it's being read apart from comments! So thank you ;D

  5. Enjoying your updates and photos!! keep em coming! xx