Sunday, June 6, 2010

Too Salty Fish, Paradise, Washing and Ghost Ships

The fish Rene salted turns out to be saltier than anchovies - we struggled to eat some the other night and then worried that we had salt poisoning! Any suggestions on what I can do to make it edible? I've thought of making a pate of some description...

While in Tin Can Bay, Rene installed the salt water pump for the galley - the old one had totally rusted away. We'll use less water now as all our dish rinsing can be done with sea water! 

We're now at Garry's Anchorage on Fraser Island. It's named after a 'sharp-witted Butchulla man' whose family lived on bush tucker here on the island. Garry Owen was apparently a great tracker and horseman, even helping to track Ned Kelly in Victoria
The water is crystal clear here - so I think we'll be able to spot if there are any Crocodiles (there is a sign warning us of their possible presence here). We'll hopefully go for a swim later on when it's high tide. This is what Anhinga looks like from the shore. 

This morning we had our first washing day. We dug out the old Bamix Presawash that my parents used to use back in the 80's when they first started building their place in the bush. After spinning the clothes around in the washer filled with hot water, soap and clothes, we then had to wring them through the ACME (which I thought this was only a cartoon company!) clothes wringer that came with the boat. The whole process took over 2 hours and we didn't even wash everything! Rene loved it of course (not!). 

All day we have been complaining of a motor boat whose engine we could hear but which we never saw. We turned up our music louder but the annoying noise just wouldn't stop! After hours of us getting increasingly annoyed at 'that bloody motor boat' Rene noticed that one of the halyard's was vibrating... yup - the annoying 'motor boat' turned out to be a simple vibration in our rigging! Silly us! 

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  1. So excited for you both.

    The trick to eating salty fish is to soak it in fresh water first, changing the water if you need to. Shouldnt be a problem then. sister Sarah