Monday, June 14, 2010

Anhinga, Standing By...

The South-Easterly's and Westerlies are really blowing at the moment. We have taken shelter in the Susan River (just at the mouth of the Mary River) and are anchored right next to Rene's Uncle and Aunt, Nick and Jan on board their motor vessel, Yawarra 2

The strong winds are forecast to drop off in the next few days but we can't continue our journey north until we have installed a few things. We discovered (with the help of Nick and Jan) that our VHF radio is dead. No wonder no one responded when we tried to talk on the radio! Having a working radio is kind of important - we won't always have telstra wireless internet connection! Knowing what the weather is going to do is vital to our safety. So we've ordered a new radio from America (West Marine had the best deal) and are awaiting its arrival at the Pialba Post Office. Ren has also ordered some wind generator blades from the UK so that he can try his hand at making his own wind gen. 
So - we're standing by.

The next big milestone is that we plan to head out to Lady Musgrave Island (once we've successfully installed the new radio and fixed up a few other things). We've never sailed out to the reef before so it will be quite nerve-wracking (for me anyway!). Because it's so far from land, and you need to arrive in the day time (to be able to see the reef and not hit it), the trip will also involve our first overnight sail!

But, I'm getting ahead of myself... for the meantime, we're holding tight. Doing boat maintenance and socialising with Yawarra 2.

Pictured is Jan's hand next to a dingo print we found on Fraser - so big!

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