Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Unlucky Turtle and Where the Hell We Are

Today we moved to Boonlye Point - we've anchored here despite there being no anchor symbol on any of our maps/books/charts (a first for us!). Just a little way north, the tide changes direction so we've set down here for the night to await the next high tide before continuing on tomorrow. It is quite shallow in these waters - getting here today we were grounded right after a green directional beacon!! Don't worry though - the tide pushed us off again quickly enough. 

We explored the deserted beach here and discovered a few interesting things. Firstly was a fresh set of dingo tracks, then some useful flotsam (a new fork for our galley!) and then a sad turtle that was beached. It was missing one flipper and had fishing line coming from its mouth - the hook was firmly lodged deeply in its mouth. We took pity on it and moved it down to the water. Rene tried to remove the fishing line but it was really lodged in and we didn't want to hurt it anymore than it was already. We contemplated taking it back to Anhinga and nursing it to health but decided to comply with the nature park's rules and not interfere. It slowly slowly swam away - perhaps for its last swim.... 

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