Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fish, Sunsets and Changes

 Rene caught a Shovel-nosed Ray on Tuesday night - we gave some away to two other boats and still have so much to eat! Fish soup again tonight! 

Last night we had drinks on board New Horizons. Ian and Robyn had sailed up from Melbourne and we saw the most incredible sunset from their cockpit. 

Today we motored down to Tin Can Bay to refill with diesel and water. I got a bit scared when our first two attempts at anchoring near Norman Point were unsuccessful. Eventually we held well much further down on a flatter seabed. Rene is really amazing at all of this - I'm growing more and more respect for his abilities on the water. 

We found an IGA in town and stocked up on a few essentials. It was interesting carrying the shopping back to the dinghy through shallow water - very different to just driving it to a jetty!! 


  1. Hey that ray looks enormous! Must tell my dad what you've caught!!
    Those sunset pics are just magnificent....! Thanks for sharing them:) xx

  2. I remember sunsets like that when we took thurloo up that way. It was every bit as magical as your photos look.

  3. Hey guys!

    It looks like you're having the best of times! I'm really happy to see that it's all working out. And was there really any doubt about wether Ren would be a great captain? I had none! :)

    Keep updating us, and have a wonderful time!