Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Loving it!

I'm writing this from the cockpit as we're anchored in Pelican Bay just off Inskip Point in the Great Sandy Strait near Fraser Island. It's beautiful. There is hardly any wind and the sounds are of birds and other happy people also anchored here. 

After a lovely couple of days spent with my relatives in Coolum, we left Mooloolaba at dawn on Monday to a gorgeous day of sailing all the way to Double Island Point. It was a long journey (about 13 or so hours) but it wasn't scary (mostly). The waves were small but the wind was strong enough to push us along at good speeds. The Sunshine Coast looks pretty spectacular from the ocean. In particular, the lighthouse at Double Island Point sits atop a large craggy rock and around the corner from this is amazing colourful sand cliffs (I think they're called Rainbow Beach) which we anchored in front of just at sunset last night.  
This morning we watched another sunrise over the ocean as we sailed up to the first of three way points (longitude & latitude position) to get through the infamous Wide Bay Bar. We motored over it easily and I was so relieved when we set anchor here that I promptly opened a bottle of bubbly to celebrate! 
This afternoon we went swimming and I baked my first loaf of bread. Rene did some work on his laptop and also did some fishing practice. I think I could get used to this.... 


  1. Loving your updates and wonderful pictures

  2. Glad you like :D I'm just beginning to learn how to use an SLR camera that a friend gave us before we left!