Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ticking Off Jobs

I've been able to tick off a bunch of jobs since arriving back in Townsville after spending a month away. While down south, I took advantage of having car to use, being in a capital city and near my Dad. We flew back to Anima with so much luggage - only just making it through under the 23Kg limit each. 

The new cockpit floor fit easily after a bit of trimming and it's a pleasure to walk on. The bread boards fit in to the galley too (also with a bit of trimming) and I'm finding it much easier to prepare meals now that I have a space larger than an A4 sheet to use. The GPS now has a mount so that it doesn't have to fly about in the cockpit while we sail. Two of the portholes are now protected with portvisors so that we can leave them open in the rain without being inundated with water (thanks for Sula Sula for sharing the order for these). The old name was removed and the new name and home port were added on the stern. 
Today I have been measuring and planning a new and improved cockpit awning cover system and shelving for the wet locker. There's many jobs happening simultaneously at present! 
GPS secured and ready for action.

Thanks Dad! The new bread boards work a dream!

Cockpit floor safe, practical and comfy to stand on!
No rain is getting in here - only cool air!
In with the new (I may have to fix the 'S' as it looks a bit upside-down!!)

Out with the old....

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