Friday, January 7, 2011

Home Away From Home

After living on Anima so intensively for most of last year, it has been refreshing to spend a few weeks visiting our family and friends back home. Being away from the constant pressure of boat work and the clutter that comes with living in a small space has allowed me the head-space to reflect and recuperate. 

In amongst all of the silliness of the festive season, I've still managed to tick some of the boat jobs off the mammoth list. My Dad helped out enormously. He made us two beautiful cutting boards that are designed to fit neatly into our tiny galley sinks. The red one is made from red ceder - it smelt amazing when I sanded back the surface. Dad also helped us out by firstly suggesting that we use an industrial mat for our cockpit floor rather than constructing one from wood. Once we had the actual mat, he helped me cut it out. I hope it fits! 

Dad making the new bread boards.
Bread boards for the boat!
The new cockpit mat about to be traced and cut.

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