Friday, July 2, 2010

Watery Daze

Lady Musgrave Island really put on her charms for us. We had some absolutely gorgeous, flat-calm, warm and lovely days. We snorkeled and swam often - the visibility was incredible. We have met more lovely yachties too which has been fun - everyone has different stories, food, tips and ideas to share. 

We had to leave the island because strong winds were forecast. We pulled up anchor at dawn - the water was like a mirror, reflecting the golden sunrise. As we slipped out, two giant turtles swam under our bows. 

Originally we planned to stay at Masthead Island and then head over to Keppel Bay - but the winds were great for sailing straight to the Cape of Capricorn... so we changed plan. 
Along the way we put out the trolling line and within half an hour, had caught this amazingly delicious Black Kingfish! 

Rounding the cape at 9pm was a bit scary - it was a very dark night and all we could see was the lighthouse and the great dark mass of land. We must have scared a boat that was already anchored there as they shone a torch out at us when we came a little too close for their liking! I had a sleepless night, imagining all sorts of terrible things as the boat rolled around in the swell making weird noises. When the sun finally rose this morning, we saw that the Cape is really quite a tiny anchorage - so we upped anchor and moved on: sailing over to Great Keppel Island. It was already crowded here, as other people are also sheltering from the strong winds, so we anchored much closer to shore than the 10 other boats here. Initially I was worried we were too close, but after speaking to a couple of yachties ashore, have been assured that all is swell! 

I can hear the wind whistling through our rigging and am glad to be all snug inside drinking red wine, writing and snacking on chips! Looking forward to exploring this island and meeting more interesting people before moving on to Rosslyn Bay when the winds are calmer. 


  1. Thank you Rene and Cerae for knocking me out of procrastination. I'm sitting on my ship stuck at anchor wondering why I'm here. I'm here because I want a life like yours! I feel motivated to get on with my studies to get my degree so I can buy a yacht and start the adventure. What your doing is such a scary prospect, but seeing the fruits of your labor and courage is truly inspirational.

    Now is the time for dissertations with the image of Great Keppel in my mind!

    Sending You Peace and Love
    Joci x

  2. Hi Guys,
    Its Andrew & Karen from Utopia II here. We arrived at Rosslyn Bay Marina today after spending last night at mast head. we too are trying to beat the winds. We'll see you here in the next few days i suppose.In the meantime, check out our blog

  3. Awwww shucks - thanks Joci! This lifestyle is scary but has some truly amazing rewards!

    Utopia II - am glad to hear you arrived safely. We met another boat here on Great Keppel with 3 kids on board and they mentioned that they'd seen a boat like yours steaming past! We will stay here for a few days before heading into Rosslyn Bay. Hope to see you then. :D

  4. Ooooohhhh hello there guys! Your photos and life are all looking so amazing - maybe we should all try to take more photos of our own lives looking amazing though? - and I am so astonished and impressed and happy for you: you're living your dream! cool as. and C, when you get back can we make some movies together? I think I have to win tropfest to get anywhere... xxxxx ili