Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cerae's reflections on the journey so far...

We've been cruising for 2 months now. It has been a journey of many ups and downs so far and I feel like reflecting on this rollercoaster to take stock and prepare for the next few months. Firstly, the positives. I like seeing and being on the beach almost every day. Climbing and exploring the rocky outcrops, discovering gorgeous rocks, shells and corals. Looking back over beaches whose only footprints are ours. Seeing so many animals in their natural environment and eating freshly caught fish. Swimming and having salty, curly hair. Wearing summer clothes in the middle of winter. Having time to read books, write, draw and create. Cooking and baking foods that I never would have the time to make. Spending time with Rene away from the pressures of work and the city. Meeting new and interesting people wherever we go and socialising with 'sundowners' or morning teas at the beach or on boats. Feeling peaceful and relaxed and watching the sunset over the water. Taking a break from my career to reflect upon what I'd like to do next. Having time to eat breakfast late, meditate, communicate and dream. 

The negatives – or the things I find most challenging. I am still scared by the power of the elements. I don't like the way that the waves push us around violently and that the wind has such control over our journey. I don't like having to worry about dragging at anchor or running aground. Sleepless nights spent worrying about different sounds that the wind makes on our boat. Navigation with old maps and unreliable technology. Not having sufficient power to live like we would like to – worrying about the batteries hot having enough charge and doing without until they get power again. The amount of maintenance that the boat needs. Having to spend days and days fixing things, cleaning things and making things to maintain the boat. The amount of money that the boat needs is also depressing! No showers – only bucket baths. Feeling afraid and uncertain.
So, it seems to be about half-and-half at the moment. I like it when we're safely at anchor somewhere beautiful. I don't like it when we're sailing and it's rough and I'm scared. We're about halfway to our destination of Cairns. What we do once we get there is still very much unknown. Rene would love for us to continue – to travel up through Asia and beyond. I'm not so sure. The thought of spending days and days at sea is not something I'm very keen on! Though I do want to travel overseas... I guess we've got a few more months to decide!

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  1. Sounds like you have a lot to think about in Cairns. Personally I'd be too scared to go for it but travel is sometimes about facing your fears. For me it was camping in random places but I soon got used to that... bit different from sailing over the Pacific though! Eeeek! Can't wait to catch up with you and Ren soon!