Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreamy Times in Refuge Bay, Scawfell Island

This is the whale that visited our boat!

Our time here has been like a dream. Long days spent staring wide-eyed at this beautiful place. Two whales (mother and calf) swim around Anhinga, even diving underneath us! Chatting to other yachties about journeys and getting envious of other people's boats. Writing in the sun beneath a shell mobile. Rock-hopping until our feet hurt. Getting stung by a jellyfish and imagining I only have 1 hour left to live (the irukandji are lethal) and then feeling lucky that I'm fine. 

Getting blown about by the bullets of strong wind funnelling down into the bay. Sculpting brightly coloured coral with Fimo. Eating fresh coconut underneath a rainbow. Rene making music. Watching movies on the laptop and listening to audio books on the stereo. Dreaming. Exploring. Loving. Living.

My only real regret is that we can't share this amazing place with more of our friends and family! Anyone want to come play with us? Anhinga is small but there's room enough! 


  1. You're killing me! :)

    Whales, and that scenery?!? We'd loooove to come play, of course. But you two please enjoy it for all of us, at least for the time being...

  2. Really interesting post and i truly like this place.. Awesome pictures. Thanks for sharing with us..