Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sheltering From Cyclone Yasi

As I write this, the wind is whipping through the trees in the park next door. I'm conscious of the fact that the power could cut out any second... so if this post is incomplete, that is why!

We are sheltering in a very strong house - built from besa brick and double bolted roof. I've set up a mattress in a room that is central to the house - no windows, protected from every side. At this stage, I'm confident that we'll live through to see tomorrow. I'm not so confindent about our beloved home, Anima.

We tied up our Ani with at least 20 ropes. Rene spent an entire day tweaking them. He reinforced all the ropes that are likely to chafe with fire hydrant hosing too. But there's nothing we can do about the storm surge. If this cyclone creates the storm surge they're predicting, the whole marina will lift from the pile-ons. Chaos will reign. There's no telling what the 100 odd boats will do as they come loose from their formerly secure home.

Cyclone Yasi is the biggest this country has seen in hundreds of years. This morning, it was increased to be a category 5 - the worst and most destructive of all storms. When this whole cyclone saga first started about a week ago, I was devastated about the loss we would experience. A boat is more than a boat. It embodies dreams, life, potential, love. Anima was our everything. Rene has been my rock though - as well as some wonderfully optimistic and generous yachties that I've met along our journey so far. We hauled off 2 car loads of our belongings from the boat and have taken them to south Townsville - to a family friend's house and now, some of them are with us in this prayer house.
Our beloved Anima all tied up in 'B' Finger.

The wind is really picking up now. It sounds bad. The trees are cracking and breaking. The radio is having trouble picking up a signal. I'm still ok.

I've now come to terms with potentially losing it all. Losing our home and dream. This cyclone is so big that it is threatening lives across an area so large that it is almost unfathomable. 290 kilometres per hour winds are coming our way in the next 3 hours.

You see, I've realised that what is most important is our lives. I just want to live through this. I bloody well plan on living through this. Possessions are not as important as our lives. Wish us luck! This is going to be a long night.

This is the current cyclone prediction for Yasi. We're starting to feel it now.


  1. Am with you, always. xoxoxox <3 M.

  2. Thanks Mum!! We're going to be fine!! xxxx