Friday, September 3, 2010

A New Name

In order to leave Australia, we need to have the boat Australian registered. There are about half a dozen or so forms to fill in and one of them has got us thinking... this is an opportunity to change Anhinga's name. 

She was originally named after the type of cormorant (or 'Snakebird') that is native to the warmer parts of America. This bird doesn't contain any water-repelling oil in its feathers and so, when in the water, sinks down underneath the surface, only leaving its neck out. Once out of the water, the Anhinga finds somewhere to stand and hang out its wings to dry like a cormorant (pictured). 

I like that the boat is named after a bird but the word itself is difficult for people to understand - particularly over the radio! So, we have been thinking about what she could possibly be named instead.

It is difficult to choose a name as many of the obvious good choices are already taken and no two boats can share the exact same name. We both really like 'Laputa' after Laputa: Castle In The Sky by Studio Ghibli / Gullivers Travels. But unfortunately, it means 'the whore' in Spanish!!! Then we thought of Nausicaa, a spunky nature loving princess from another Ghibli classic. Other lead Ghibli females were disqualified: Chihiro (our sister in law!), Mononoke (too long maybe).

The names that are currently at the top of our list are:
Amidala or Padme (princess from Star Wars)
Zelda (princess of wisdom in Nintendo game of same name)
Linka (a planeteer with the power of wind from Captain Planet (one of Cerae's fav cartoons), also appealing because it sounds a bit like Link, the protagonist in the Zelda game)

Any further suggestions or votes for which is preferable? 


  1. (Rog) Here we are, tired as all buggery in Incheon airport Seoul, waiting five hours for our connection to Brisbane and the name "Unhinge-da" sprang unbidden to our minds. (roger's mind!)
    Jan says since she was made in NZ what about mining Maori names (Rog - something simple like 'aa'uahua'aa)
    Jan- eg
    mirama - where the river meets the sea or
    petipeti god of the sea

    cheers sailors

  2. Rog - as an after-thought, what about Stabw? (Shit That's A Big Wave) Or Kohaf? (Keel of hearts and fishes)

  3. Roger, you are so hilariously cleverly funny with words! I laughed out aloud when reading your suggestions!

    Jan, I like your idea a lot! Will look into it soon.

  4. Votes for Padme ( also part of the Heart Chakra meditation) and also Linka ( for Cpt Planet!)

    Also votes for Roger & Jans clever suggestions!!!!
    XO Maryanne.

  5. Good luck with the name change! We chose Anhinga because we love the bird, the way it fishes, and how it looks drying its wings. We have lots of anhinga in Florida; they are also in Australia, commonly known as the Australian darter. BTW - we haven't had any trouble on the radio with name comprehension - even in the French and Spanish speaking countries.

    Have fun sailing,
    From, your namesake (for now!) cruising in the Caribbean.
    Patti and John
    (s/v Anhinga, Eastport, MD, USA)

  6. Hello,
    I am part of the Anhinga clan (my Aunt and Uncle, Patti and John). I'm their niece Lauren. While they were naming the boat, I suggested the name 'Stella' but they respectfully declined. When they had informed me about you guys re-naming your boat, the thought about suggesting it to you guys sprang into my mind. So I would just like to suggest the name 'Stella' to you. I hope you find it as overwhelmingly perfect as I do.


  7. Thanks for all of the suggestions everyone! We're still not sure what to call her though... I've filled a whole page with ideas and none of them seem to fit. I want it to relate to the theme of 'where the forest meets the sea' but can't seem to find a nice word that fits that idea!