Saturday, August 21, 2010

Wonderful Adventures In The Whitsundays

I can't describe in words the experiences we've just had this past week with my sister Jez and her girlfriend Tamsin. I hope that the many photos I've included here will explain our story....

Rene, Cerae, Jez and Tam loving life in the Whitsundays!
We had the perfect weather - perfectly calm with just enough wind to hop amongst the islands here, perfect company and loads of fun. 

A Whitsunday postcard moment atop Deloraine Island.
Cerae & Tam stinger-suit bandits!
Clearing our frisbee court of stingrays.
Snorkel-drifting from the dinghy.
All of the islands we explored are national parks so they are exquisite, each is different and beautiful in its own way. We loved Border Island for the steep craggy rocks and snorkeling. Deloraine Islet was special because we anchored in deep water (23 metres) and had to put out 70 metres of chain! We were the only ones there and it was so amazing to explore the beach made of smooth coral and to climb the volcanic cliffs to watch whales swimming past below. 

Jez with her Yellowtail.
Jez caught this Disco Shark. We set him free.

Jez tried her hand at fishing and discovered that she quite enjoyed it. Many hours were spent, line in hand, book in the other, trying to coax those evasive fishies onto her line. We ate a few thanks to her efforts. I'm awed that she also was prepared to kill, gut, fillet and cook the fish as well as catching them!

Building sandcastles in the silica sands of Whitehaven beach.
Having a blast on Whitehaven - paradise!!!
Many games were played on the sand, in the water and on Anhinga. Gin Rummy was the card game of choice - hilarity abounds when combined with a few drinks! Frisbee was great in the water, as was Boules. Part of the thrill was that stingrays lurked at the edges of our game, secretly hoping we would throw them a turn! eeek!
Sailbirds cartwheeling with joy :D

Sailbirds become treebirds on Whitsunday Island.
Anhinga rests at Whitehaven.
Another perfect sunset.

Serenity whilst anchored at Haselwood Island. For one night we were the only boat there, so we took it in turns to shower naked on deck at dusk. Exercising on the beach - jogging, squats, kung fu, push-ups etc. My underwater digital camera decided to die... bum! Am hoping it's still under warranty as I'm so totally addicted to photography.

Sisters : )
Whitehaven beach on Whitsunday Island exceeded all of my expectations. It is indeed paradise on earth. Perfect, crystal-clear water, shining silica sand that continues for 5Km.... aaaaah! We walked the Ngaro trail, swam from the shore to Anhinga (!), drank Rose at sunset, built sandcastles, swam some more and Jez ran for hours along the beach. 

Jez and Tam - fantastic crew and great company. We'll miss them!

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  1. Hey Guys, looks like you had great fun with your visitors. Where are you now? We sail into Townsville today.
    Utopia II