Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rocks, Rays, Tomatoes and Rowing

Rock cairns on Shaw Island.
Sailing here has continued to be fine. Rene can't wipe off his great big grin whilst Anhinga steams through the water on the way to yet another beautiful island.

Cerae making a rock cairn.
On Shaw Island we made a rock cairn to add to the others there - I wonder how they manage to stay standing in strong winds? The beach was made of billions of tiny shell rings. Not sure what creature they originate from but they're very cool! The stingrays here had thick, black tails and weren't very shy. Rene had a stand-off with one of them... and the stingray won by eyeballing him. 

Amazing donut shells.

Crazed tomato love!
Our outboard motor decided to die. I think it probably heard me when I said I wished we had kayaks - and so it died in protest! Not having the outboard makes getting to and from Anhinga much more difficult. We're now at Airlie Beach. It's exciting to be back in civilisation after over 1 month away. The cupboards were getting pretty bare - I was down to just a few old vegetables. Of course, the first food that I needed to eat was tomatoes! I had really missed them and experienced a foodgasm upon eating them again after so long without! :D

The Whitsunday Yacht Club jetty is a long long row away. Rene tried to help me row yesterday by holding up a towel to make us sail! It feels a bit frustrating to be boat-bound but tomorrow we'll be looking to replace our broken outboard motor. Rene spent almost a whole day pulling the old one apart and it still won't work. We're really looking forward to Jez and Tam meeting up with us this week and can't wait to get back out into the islands again. The beaches here in Airlie just aren't the same.

Happy grins at our favourite place - where the forest meets the sea with rocks.

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