Friday, February 10, 2012

Penang to Langkawi

The outgoing tide was with us from early morning so we left Penang at dawn. We'd planned to leave at 6.30am (the sun doesn't rise here until at least 7.30) but things took longer and then, there was so much junk caught around our anchor chain, that it took even longer to leave. Rene said he even had Christmas lights wrapped around the chain, along with the usual rubbish and seaweed. We made good speeds though so the delayed start wasn't an issue. The journey north was pretty straightforward - though quite lumpy for much of it. We needed to reach our destination (Langkawi) by nightfall (7.30pm) and so had to motor a little more than if we'd not had the deadline in order to make 58 miles. We did manage to sail for a couple of hours though which was lovely! 
With this view, I found it incredibly difficult to concentrate on my TESOL course!!
We took turns on deck (though Rene did more). He finished reading 'The God Delusion' by Richard Dawkins while I struggled through more TESOL material. I'm finding my motivation levels dropping daily to complete this course as there's so much more exciting things to be looking at and thinking about than English grammar!
Feeling so grateful for being able to live this right now :)
By the afternoon, we were motor-sailing closer towards the islands at the south of Langkawi. It was so magical to be gliding into this paradise. I am so grateful that we are able to do this, to sail here and see such beauty, especially after having spent 2 months in a dirty ship yard working.

Motoring through magnificent untouched islands in Langkawi.
We slipped along in between sheer mountainous islands, all of them covered only in forest - no development! Our anchorage for the night was the perfectly scenic channel between Pulau Gubang Darat and Pulau Dayang Bunting (position 06' 11.17N 99' 47.25E). It was just magical - surrounded by islands and nothing else.

The view from our back "verandah" at anchor in southern Langkawi.
I was inspired to cook a delicious home-made pizza (Mum, I really need some recipes for dough as mine was not the success I was dreaming of) while Rene was inspired to remove the safety netting from the port side deck railings. The ropes holding this netting in place was falling apart anyway and we don't need the netting on right now so it made sense and looks so much better!
The deck port side, netting removed (don't look too closely at the painting I still need to do!).
The deck starboard side, netting still intact.

Rene does some boat work in paradise.

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