Thursday, January 19, 2012

Old and New Friends on Pangkor Island

Old friends from our early BrisVegas days travelled past and stayed on Pangkor Island while new friends from the Indonesia rally cruised up to anchor on Pangkor Island - both on the same day!! It was raining so we took the ferry across the Pangkor Island and hired a motorbike for 30RM (he asked for 40RM, Rene said 30RM and he said 'OK', how easy was that bargaining?). The west side of Pangkor Island is beautiful. We zoomed along the hilly road, fringed by sweet-smelling jungle and breathed in the natural beauty. If only I could bottle the smell of a rainforest! It's the best smell in the world... well, one of them. 

Biking along quiet, jungle-fringed roads = bliss
Storm RiderZ - the bikie gang unite!
Our friends Amie and Linc were staying in a guesthouse which we located easily. They also hired a bike and we rode about the island as the bike gang, Storm Riderz! We hope to reunite again for more biking adventures!! 
Sailbirds swim with old friend, Amie
Coral Beach was lovely for our first Malaysian swim (no pollution for once) while the waterfall had warning signs about the hazards of swimming there (possibly due to the monkeys?).
Clean water and white sands at Coral Beach, Pangkor Island
Luckily the warning sign was also in English..
We met with the Molonga crew on a different beach and shared ice-creams at a semi-deserted resort bar. Fun times! We hope to cruise in Thailand with these lovely folk in the near future.
Molonga arrives on Pangkor!
Common thing, cats begging while you eat

Amie takes (probably) even more photos than me so I love to hang out with her because we snap away like crazy!! This often results in some fun, terrible, amazing, embarrassing and beautiful shots. I love the pink wall shot (below) that her camera snapped of us. It automatically took it when it detected smiles!! We wish Anima was in the water so we could take these awesome friends out for a sail... not to be this time, but definitely next! 

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