Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chilling and Reflecting At The Top

I feel as though rounding the top of Queensland somehow represented my confidence and enjoyment of this adventure turning a corner. I am actually enjoying the sailing aspect more! I actually want to get involved more and am holding back less. I'm not bolting inside to hide when we heel over (well, sometimes I do but not every time!). Rene has allowed me the time and space to get to this point in my own time. No pressure. This has been the best approach as I know my own limits and am learning more when I'm ready to. The more I know, the less I am afraid. Dawn (a fellow cruiser) told me of how a lot of her confidence grew from learning to trust her yacht. Knowing that Anima is built to be at sea, is designed to cope with the strength of the wind and waves has helped me to trust her. I'm becoming used to her perks and quirks and know what conditions she performs best in. I know that sailing is a mix – there's plenty of lovely days when the weather is perfect and then there's some days when it's horrible. Luckily, the slow pace of cruising allows us to experience mostly the good days.

At this juncture, I want to share some of my thoughts and feelings. I am probably an over-sharer – but I can't help it! I've always had an overwhelming desire to share and communicate. Some people I know find this trait challenging. They worry that I put too much of myself out there to be hurt somehow. I've always felt as though sharing my life in fact does the opposite. It helps me to grow when I put into words the stuff going on. I love it when people comment or offer feedback or advice and encouragement. I guess also (like so many others before me), writing helps me feel as though my existence has meaning. That I'm leaving my mark in some small way. Who knows? Maybe these words of mine will help someone to follow their dreams of escaping from the rat race to go on an adventure. To face fears. To share and revel in this amazing experience of life. It's an incredible world and I'm so so so happy to finally be travelling. It feeds my soul when I get to see new places.

I love being out in the wilderness. The beauty of nature always takes my breath away. It makes me pause, gaze in wonder and then breathe it all in to fill myself with love.
I love that cruising has allowed me to be in countless amazing places. I feel so lucky.
Cruising has allowed me time. Something that as a teacher and general 'achiever' type personality, I never really had before. Having time has allowed for plenty of reflection and relaxation. I've never felt healthier, stronger or more alive. Travel for me is about having time to explore – not only the world and all it's people's – but myself.
Cruising has allowed me to face my fears (and is still allowing me!) and to move (ever so slowly) away from them into a less fearful existence.
Cruising has allowed us to live quite cheaply (after the initial expense) and to have a much longer holiday than if we'd bought a house.
Cruising has its own share of hardships but I'm so glad that we're doing this and I'm so grateful for the support and encouragement of so many of you along the way.

Here are photos of just some of the amazing places we've sailed to so far.

Glass-out sunrise over the sea, QLD.

Sunset, Great Sandy Straits, QLD.

Whitsundays isolated anchorage.

Flinders Island, QLD Coast.
Whitsundays golden dusk.

Lizard Island giant clams, QLD.

Magnetic Island rock-hopping, QLD.

Morris Island bird.

Pearl Bay beach, QLD.

Shaw Island rock cairns, QLD.

Sparkly sea, QLD.

Beautiful rocks, QLD.

Breathing it all in!



Fraser Island, QLD.

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