Thursday, April 14, 2011

Getting There

We bought some new rope for the roller furling and in order to test it out (it seemed wider than we'd expected), we had to put up the jib. The wind picked up just as we embarked upon this venture (of course, cheeky wind!) but we managed OK. We both felt how Anima is so keen to get out sailing again. She was practically champing at the bit! The sail caught some wind and she strained at her mooring lines, keen to be free from her pen. We are both keen too! It has been gorgeous weather here this past few days and we can just imagine how perfect it would be out there on the water. The new rope fits fine and my cockpit bags work a treat!
The jib with Rene working on the furling.
 I finished painting the booms and masts up to where I can reach. I really want to paint them hot pink next time - will have to look out for a deal on that colour in the hardware shops later on. After the booms were painted, we were ready to put the sails back onto them. Not so fast, says Anima! The main sail required work - the reefing line winch was corroding the aluminium of the boom (it is made of bronze with some steel and metals don't really get along - they slowly eat away at each other!). So we took it off, cleaned the area, repainted and then reattached using butylmastic as a protection so the metals don't touch. Rene also decided that the block that holds our main sheet to the boom needed some TLC. He replaced some old rusty nuts with stainless (by the way - the Boltmasters store up here is fantastic. The staff are sooo friendly and helpful and always find a way to give us big discounts). Then he cut off the webbing that attached the block and we both worked at resewing a new, much stronger and reinforced webbing. We're still working at that one and so the main is still lying on deck, waiting to be put up.
Ren working on the main block attachment
The mizzen sail required quite a big repair job. It is still one of the original sails - which makes it 28 years old! I'm amazed it is still in one piece. I set to repairing it with my little sewing machine and had it all stitched up in one day - cover included. A new personal best!
Sewing the mizzen inside.
Mizzen sail with patches (white sections)
Rene treated and then painted over some rust patches in the engine room while the engine was lifted off its mountings. Today the new mounts and flexible coupling arrived and he realised that he needed a bigger drill to do the job. He left with a sparkle in his eye and came home with a big 240v drill! We'll only be able to use it while in a marina or with our generator on - but boy is it powerful!
Rene with his new drill :)
So much still to do!!! I forced myself to escape to yoga tonight and it was the absolute best thing I have done lately. I've been getting stressed out with all the stuff we have still to get done. Yoga reminded me to relax and breathe.

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